Your support for a sovereign Lebanon

The purpose of this campaign is to collect funds online in order to support the activities of the party for the challenges which face us in 2022.

By supporting this campaign, you are contributing to the promotion of the values of secularism, democracy, and social justice. The establishment of a capable state that embodies these values in Lebanon is the only nonviolent solution at hand to stop the country from crumbling even further and to provide a dignified life to all its citizens and residents.

In the name of all those who share these values, we thank you for your contributions. 

Your support for Lebanon will help it step away from civil strife\ move towards peace

We need your support to inspire constructive change that brings hope to our country in deep crisis: Lebanon. Every contribution to our campaign, no matter how small, will help us take action and pave the way to building a secular force for credible and nonviolent change.

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