‘Friends of MMFD-Europe’ is a non-profit organisation under the French Law of Associations (1901) and is exclusively comprised of volunteers. 
The objective of this organisation is to get Lebanon out of its current crisis through its support for the Lebanese political party, MMFD (Muwatinoun wa Muwatinat Fi Dawla, ‘Citizens in a State’). The party aims to establish a civil, democratic, just, and capable state. The party was founded in Lebanon in 2016, and is currently financed solely through party membership fees.  
Given the critical nature of the Lebanese situation at present—with the manipulation of a hypothetical parliamentary elections by the country’s floundering sectarian parties and the squandering of its foreign reserves held by the central bank—ramping up MMFD’s communications and confrontational activities has become a priority for the party. For this reason, the ‘Friends of MMFD-Europe’ association has decided to organise fundraising campaigns, both in-person and online, targeting the Lebanese diaspora and anyone else who would like to contribute to the spreading of the values of secularism, democracy and justice; particularly in the Middle East.  
The collected funds will be deposited in a French bank account. In accordance with transparency best practices, with the exception of expenses incurred in Europe, funds raised are to be spent in Lebanon will only be deployed after the establishment of a preliminary agreement between the non-profit and third parties. Finally, a report presenting the non-profit’s financial situation will be filed annuallyat the Isère Prefecture, France, where the organisation’s offices are registered.  
The purpose of our campaign is to raise funds online with the aim of supporting the party’s activities for 2022. 
The establishment of a capable state, one which secures civil rights and embodies the values of democracy, justice, and secularism in Lebanon, is the only nonviolent path forward for us to halt the veritable disintegration of Lebanese society and restore a dignified life to its people. 
In the name of all those who share these values, we thank you for your contributions.